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The concrete results of my work depends on the character of the assignment. With design and feasibility studies there will always be a presentation at the end of each phase of the assignment. For production oriented assignments there will always be a review before the material goes to production, such as print or rendition of animation or video.

Production assignments

The characteristics of a production assignment is that the media produced will be used directly or indirectly in the clients operation. Real enough media collaborates with other media producers and can deliver complete media solutions including print, web, video and animation.


These examples are from projects where Real enough media have had contract to deliver either complete sollutions or parts such as only images with no text. Click on the image to view each example.

Design and feasibility studies

A study results in a report. The report itself will be given the form that best suits the forum it will be used in. A report can very well be the basis for a presentation.

Presentation production

A presentation in this case consist of verbiage and media that helps the presenter to get the point across to the audience. Real enough media can also offer to carry out the presentation in itself in the event that the client has no personnel available to carry out the presentation.

Project management

Real enough media project management share it's characteristics with production and study assignments with regards to timely and concise reporting to the project owner. Tangible results before elaborate project matrices.