Real enough media
Real enough media

Instruction media and instruction media systems

Real enough media offers it's services to corporations, to public institutions and government entities.

Studies and production

Real enough media offers design and feasibility studies of instruction media and instruction media systems. Real enough media also offers production of instruction media. My focus is to produce instruction media which is clear and robust. Throughout industry and business there are many work flows which require accurate, timely and easy to understand instruction. The goal is, right information to the right person at the right time.


These examples are from projects where Real enough media have had contract to deliver either complete sollutions or parts such as only images with no text. Click on the image to view each example.


I adapt my method to the scope and character of the assignment. The more of the requirements that are already given the sooner there will be concrete results. I will always listen to the client to find out as soon as possible, what the most important demands are, on the instruction media. I deliver early and plainly understandable reports to keep the process manageable and flexible. The assignments can range from the production of printed instructions to studies of entire systems for instruction including presentation technology and information-system design.


I collaborate with other creators of media and information-system specialists to arrive at the best possible solution for the right price.